About Us

Nebraska Woody Florals is a non-stock cooperative that is wholly owned by independent, farm-based family businesses that grow a variety of woody floral products to sell to the cooperative.

Woody floral products are colorful or unusually shaped stems, buds, or flowers that can be used either fresh or dried to create unique arrangements. Because our stems are the freshest quality available with the most vibrant colors, indoor and outdoor arrangements can be created and enjoyed for a long period of time. Some of the varieties commonly grown are curly willow, scarlet curls willow, red twig dogwood, yellow twig dogwood, cardinal dogwood, pussy willow, and flame willow.

Members are continually researching new varieties to introduce to the market. Each of our members receives ongoing education on plant care, harvest timing, and quality control. We are successful as a cooperative due to the commitment of our members to consistently produce a fresh, high-quality product, giving us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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