As a Cooperative

The workings of stemology

Nebraska Woody Florals is a grass roots cooperative stemming from initial research completed by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Located in Mead, Nebraska NWF has founded a dynamic process of growing, harvesting and moving to market high quality stems that people rave about.  This process is carefully orchestrated through a simple yet effective collaboration between NWF and our members located in rural Nebraska.  Working together this microenterprise thrives on the plains and rolling hills of Nebraska’s farming communities.

Teamwork and trust is key to our success and we would be remiss if we did not start by introducing Annette to you.  Annette has worked for NWF since 2007 and is an expert in understanding our customer’s needs and the grower’s ability to meet those needs.  Whether you’re looking for small three foot stems or large seven foot stems NWF is the one for you.  We are committed to helping you create that special design you’ve been trying to find.

Our Board of Directors is a hands on working crew that is often found working in their woody florals and helping around the business.  They are Eric Nelson, Mark Powell, Nancy Eberle, Linda Hangren and John Schroll.

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