Nebraska Woody Florals (NWF)

NWF was developed from a collaborative effort with the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska Forest Service. Test plots were established at several locations to prove the viability of growing woody floral products in Nebraska. Once this was proven successful, a small group of farmers developed the business structure necessary to take the products into the market place. The Nebraska Woody Floral Cooperative was officially formed in November, 2005.

From it’s inception in 2005, the Cooperative has grown to include 44 growers throughout the state of Nebraska. Each of our members receives ongoing education on plant care, harvest timing, and quality control. In 2008 the NWF Cooperative received a grant allowing it to purchase its own warehouse and collection facility. Located near Mead, Nebraska, this facility allows us to store our stems in an environment that will maintain the color and viability of the stem until it can be shipped to its final destination. Many of our products are harvested and shipped directly from our growing fields to maintain ultimate freshness

Initially, all of our products were sold to floral wholesalers in a small Midwest geographical region. With more growers, who are in various areas of the state allowing for diversity in growing conditions, we are now able to sell to retail customers on line. When the Cooperative was first organized, the growers experimented with a few varieties of stems, focusing primarily on Dogwood and Willow varieties. Since that time we have increased our production to include over 20 varieties of stems.

Nebraska Woody Florals NWF prides itself in providing its customers with the highest quality, freshest woody floral products in the industry. Because we are a smaller company, we are able to be flexible to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.

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