Who is Nebraska Woody Florals?
We are a producer-owned cooperative consisting of independent, farm-based family businesses providing high quality woody floral stems to our customers.

What are ‘woody florals’?
These are shrubs or trees with colorful or unusual shaped stems, buds, flowers, berries, or bark that are harvested and sold.

How are woody florals used?
They are used to enhance floral and outdoor container arrangements by adding interesting color, texture, and form. For the business creating the design, it gives them an additional opportunity to provide a unique design to their customer while increasing their business’s profit potential.

Why use Nebraska Woody Florals stems?
Our stems are always fresh, thus giving the designer the best possible product with which to work. We only harvest what we need for immediate delivery. By keeping the stems in the field longer, we are able to maximize freshness and color. We also focus on growing the highest quality premium stems possible with no broken branches, black tips, or insect damage.

Where are our stems grown?
All of our stems are produced on small farms and acreages in Nebraska. Primarily these come from the central and eastern regions of Nebraska.

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