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Using woody floral products to brighten up your containers

There are many different ways to incorporate woody floral stems into outdoor and indoor containers.

When working with outdoor containers, you want to make sure the design is tall enough that it makes a dramatic statement. Using Scarlet Curls Willow, with different types of Dogwoods will help to make the container visually interesting. Mix in plenty of evergreens around the base with some berried stems to add more interest. Extend the evergreens up into the stems to give the design some continuity.

Many of the woody floral branches work very well to create stunning designs for your indoor decorating needs. The smaller branches of Dogwoods and Scarlet Curls Willow work to add interest in table arrangements; mixed in with holiday flowers in floral arrangements; use them to add some unique interest to your winter decorations.

For a really interesting accent, use silver spray paint (make sure to use the exterior type) to paint the stems.

All stems may be purchased from our Retail Store or from your local garden center. Ask for Nebraska Woody Florals.

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