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Local Grower Jan

NWF member producers are located near Grand Island in east central to Pierce in the northeast, and to Falls City in the southeast parts of Nebraska.  We have an FFA Chapter that uses every aspect of growing woody florals for teaching its members the practical aspects of care and upkeep and the finer aspects of harvest and marketing.

The agricultural background of most of our members has served them and the cooperative very well.  By having growers located in different soil structures, growing zones and physical locations, NWF is able to maximize the best growing conditions for a specific plant needs.

Having strong family farm backgrounds many of our members are very keen on the environmental benefits their plantings provide to their land.  Many plantings are located on ground that normally is fallow or does not produce well.  Growing in unproductive areas while creating water and soil erosion “filters” aids in the productivity and environmental sustainability of their lands.

NWF stems are locally raised and each hand harvested stem is processed with you in mind.    Our members take a lot of pride in their plantings and it really shows in the quality of NWF stems.

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