Tis The Season

Tis the Season for growing stems

Often we take for granted what we have and what we do on a daily or weekly basis.  As NWF growers we feel pretty special to be able to live the life we have and in the places we farm.  This page is set aside to share a little slice of our pie, a glimpse into the growing seasons of the stems we offer to our customers.

Spring and summer are exciting times in our growing fields. This is when we have a chance to improve on what was done last year to increase our production for this growing season.

By now, several varieties have been cut back to the ground to encourage new growth. For the dogwoods, we normally see them grow up to 5’ each year. Most of the willows will grow up to 10’ in one year!

During the spring and summer months, we focus on providing the necessary nutrition and water to promote healthy, long stem growth. Controlling disease and insect damage are also very important as both of these can adversely affect the quality of our stems.

Since most of the growers have full time jobs, you will usually find us in our fields taking care of our plants on the weekends. With all of the mowing, weed control, and plant management activities, we stay real busy trying to bring our customers high-quality woody floral products.

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