Berried Stems

Strikingly brilliant for your special needs, our berried stems are the cats meow. Grown with special emphasis on striking color and berry size, Nebraska Woody Florals are a berried stem bonanza.

We won’t ship before their time. These brightly colored full orange-red berried stems are available in limited supplies. We only harvest the fullest of bunches for maximum effect.

Bittersweet Gallery
Viburnum (Cranberry)

We start to harvest these stems with immature, green berries at the beginning of August and continue to harvest until the berries are bright cherry-red at the end of August.

Viburnum - Cranberry Gallery
Winterberry (Ilex)

A must have for holiday decorating! Winterberry displays its bright-red berries along naked stems in fall and early winter.

Winterberry Gallery

This remarkably striking stem holds an abundance of vivid purple to pink berries in the fall. This new coralberry is far superior to others and is a must for cut flower arrangements.

Coralberry Gallery Coming Soon


A beautifully showy long lasting white fruited stem provides contrasts with our red berried stems and is a brilliant accent with any bouquet or floral display.
Snowberry Gallery Coming Soon

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