Nebraska Woody Florals offers high quality, colorful and highly flexible fresh-cut stems of dogwoods, willows and flowering branches for container and floral designs. Uniquely vibrant in color, diversity and freshness; creating eye-catching designs from petite arrangements to large complex designs. Hand selected for freshness, Nebraska Woody Florals prides itself in offering its customers environmentally friendly stems grown by cooperative farms in Nebraska.

Cardinal Dogwood
You’ve got to see this! A must see, this is a one of a kind salmon colored stem that can grow up to seven feet in height in only one year. Specifically grown for that unique and standout design work. This stem is fantastic in both winter designs and as a perfect mix with spring-blooming branches.

Cardinal Dogwood Gallery
Red Twig Dogwood

Awesome Red! This vibrant red stem is fresh cut from our fields providing optimum color and freshness at peak times for holiday and winter arrangements. A beautiful accent stem for your floral arrangements.

Red Twig Dogwood Gallery
Yellow Twig Dogwood

A unique stem producing a wonderful lime green stem in the late fall and a brilliant yellow for winter designs and for striking springtime contrasts.

Yellow Twig Dogwood Gallery

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