Following in Nebraska Woody Florals tradition of high quality, our one year old highly flexible stems are simply the best! Take our stems and tie them in a knot, no problem. Take our stems and bend them into a container or vase, no problem. Be creative and let our stems make your statement.

Curly or “Green Curly” Willow
Curly is a highly sought after green contorted stem that is harvested throughout the fall and winter months to maintain freshness and high flexibility. This is a great stem that has a number of uses. You can build solid foundations in arrangements, add height and texture or just incorporate these stems as part of a basic floral design. Brides love our seven foot stems for their weddings!

Curly Willow Gallery
Scarlet Curls or “Red Curly” Willow

Let’s just say WOW! This is one of the most unique stems that we offer, it is highly contorted, large in size, highly flexible, colors range from golden to deep red that really allows you to create that one of a kind arrangement. Indoor or outdoor use? The sky is the limit. These are special!

Scarlet Curls Gallery
Flame Willow

Is flexibility a must? This highly flexible orange, red or yellow colored stem is our first stem out of the fields in the fall and again in the spring. If you are looking for something that you can literally tie into knots, this is the stem for you. A beautiful accent for all of your fall and winter arrangements!

Flame Willow Gallery
French Pussy Willow

A time-honored treasure, Pussy Willows have a great, green colored stem with red catkins trimmed in yellow in the fall or a stem full of catkins just beginning to force in the spring. We provide only freshly cut and forced stems that will add a burst of excitement to your design.

Fresh Pussy Willow Gallery
Asian Pussy Willow

A superb mahogany stem filled with large catkins that offer that special something to any arrangement. These stems are unique and highly sought after so order them early.

Asian Pussy Willow Gallery
Japanese Fantail Willow

Japanese Fantail Willows are contorted and green. These stems are cut in the fall with leaves still on or dormant cut in the winter. These “flat contorted stems” are definitely different and something to behold. Supplies are limited on this variety.

Japanese Fantail Willow Gallery

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