Floral Arrangements

At a meeting today I overheard two women fashionistas exclaiming have you heard the new fall fashion color this year is “purple”. I thought PURPLE? Then it sunk in, PURRRRRPLE. As the neon light bulb went off in the head I thought what perfect way to utilize some creative floral designing and still follow a fashion trend. Most of us are not going to go around and paint our walls purple or buy a suede purple lounge chair, so how does one still utilize the fall fashion trend in an interior design without sinking into forever purple. The way you can use purple in your interior designs is to utilize fabulous fresh cut floral products! This will take a little creativity and a small investment, but it’s well worth it.

For a fresh cut floral interior design you want to invest in buying yourself a tall slender clear vase. Glass would be preferred, it doesn’t have to be round, but what is key is having a tall vase and clear. By tall I mean about 2 ft. high minimum, think of this as an investment as you’ll be able to use this vase year round when the fashion color in the spring is robin egg blue.

Next we think about the fashion color purple, with this being fall, we don’t want a powdery light lilac, but a knock dead PURPLE. We’ll be using our vase to make tall fresh cut arrangements that are going to be an interior design floral focal point without going overboard on forever purple.

What we’ll want to do is select a large purple blossom that has long stems, the longer the better. Fresh cut purple antherium or calla lilies comes to mind. Sometimes you can find long stem dark purple roses, I have seen on rare occasion purple amaryllis or use orchids they would work great as well. Anything with a large blossom and length to it is what we are after. We need something to make that purple jump out for the design, so we’ll use some woody florals. We can also add in beauty berry steams as a filler with our purple blossoms. We’ll fresh cut these and put them in our clear tall vase. Next we’ll want to rely on something that is a complementary color to purple, like an orange or a green. I’m a huge fan of mixing lime green and dark purple, just ask my husband when he is in our wardrobe closet. Once you’ve gotten your choice blossoms, then we need something to make them jump out as a focal point, like tall farm fresh gorgeous green curly willows, for a shorter vase use curly willow tips, or use scarlet curls willows. The lime and dark green of the curly willows is going to make a dark purple vibrate, plus with the height and its wavy form it will really draw the eye into your design. Place your fresh cut stems and willows into the tall vase and fill with water. What’s great about using the clear vase, say you didn’t like the purple with green willows one week, the next you can find a different purple flower, and switch to a scarlet curls willow. If that doesn’t suit you one can easily go to a shorter design, and use flame willow with its sprays to be a center for your purple. Using the fresh cut willow products really highlights your fall fashion color of purple.

Using a clear vase, purple long stemmed fresh cut flowers, and orange or green curly willows you’ll be able to vary the design each week without having to go and paint your walls purple. The other benefit of using that tall clear vase is come spring when the robin egg blue is in vogue, you can match those blossoms with a yellow force bloomed forsythia, again another farm fresh product that would complement that fashion trend.

Fresh cut woody florals, with the color palates available can enhance any fashion trend color in your interior floral design.

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