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Winter Arrangements with Woody Florals!
I’ve put together 4 quick winter themed arrangements together using woody florals. These arrangements took very little effort to put together, and in a matter of minutes you can have a fun arrangement for any room in your home during the winter season.

Yellow Twig Dogwoods

My first arrangement I bundled yellow twig dogwoods 3’ lengths, and put in a tall clear vase. I then added sparkly colored foam balls, and small ball ornaments in the glass vase (dark red in this case). I also dropped in small pine cones in the bottom of the vase. I filled the vase to about 1/3 full of water to float the balls, this is to produce a layering of the arrangement. I then added green fir stems to the vase to drape over the top of the vase (make sure you strip any fir branches on the stem that will be below the water level). I then added in berried stems so they would extend above the top of the glass vase to be back dropped by the yellow dogwood. For my arrangement I used dark reds and reddish browns for the arrangement to complement the yellow dogwoods. The green fir stems give this arrangement that wintery feel. Make sure that no foliage extends in the water though. The final product definitely has a winter feel to it, and is all fresh cut products.

Red Twig Dogwoods
I started with fresh red twig dogwood tips 2-3’ in length. I then put the dogwood tips in a square vase dry. Next I filled the vase with green sparkly foam balls. Small tiny ball ornaments would work as well. I then filled the vase with water. The balls will float, and the dogwood stems will then show at the bottom. Depending on how many balls are added, watch that they don’t float over. The tall red twigs with the shiny green balls give this simple arrangement that winter feel, and again is all fresh cut products.

Golden Curls
For a tall arrangement I used golden curls willows stems. These stems are well over 7’ in height, so you’ll need a sturdy vase for the base. I took 5 large stems of golden curls and bundled them with a large rubber band to hold together. I then inserted them into a large black vase, and packed newspaper around them in the vase to give the stems stability. I inserted these stems without water, and they will retain their color through the winter (drying naturally). I then wrapped red velvet material around the base of the stems in my vase. After the red velvet was wrapped around stems, I then placed various picks with sparkly balls on them around the base of the stems. The picks I used were long golden balls, and with red glitter balls on them. These picks were wired so I could bend them in the shapes like the golden curls. These picks I put around base of the stems were all about 1-2’ in length. This arrangement can be used long after the holidays since it is using dried stems. It could be used through January, and for Valentines’ Day. Variations on this could be made by adding white or red lights on the stems or adding small golden or red balls on the branches. This arrangement could be used inside or outside.

Scarlet Curls
For a shorter arrangement in a vase, I used scarlet curls willows. The willows I chose were about 3-5’ in length. This time I took the fresh cut stems and spray painted them white. After the paint was dried I inserted the stems loosely into a vase. Again, I packed newspaper around them to give them stability. Once I had my stems upright, I put red flocked snowflakes and ornaments on the branches. The finishing touches to this arrangement was to add in wired ribbon, I used a red, black and white plaid ribbon to match the red snowflakes and black vase. The part that took the longest for this was spray painting the scarlet curly willow stems, and make sure you do that outside! It took about one can of spray paint to do these several stems.


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