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Interior Designing with Stems

The great part of using stems in interior designs is that they last for as long as you would like them to. Most designs, as long as they stay out of direct sunlight, will provide many years of enjoyment. Designs from the simplest in form to the dramatic statement may be made using stems.

Nancy has used stems to accent specific areas in her home as seen in this video clip. Using one of her favorite containers she made a simple yet striking arrangement.

Changing seasons from fall to winter to spring we have stems for all the seasons. In the fall flame willows are striking,

winter months scarlet curls willow is stunning with red/ yellow/cardinal dogwoods and springtime you will love curly willow and an array of pussy willows that are breathtaking.

Wanting tall reaching stems for large rooms, entry ways or high ceilings we have stems that reach over seven feet in height. Being creative with swags, table arrangements, and adding to Christmas wreaths and trees add a special touch.

This photo gallery to the right and the video below will introduce you to some of the unique and striking designs made with woody florals.

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