Special Occasions

Making Stems part of Special Occasions

There are endless uses of stems in our lives. From birthdays to weddings, fresh cut stems provide natural beauty, and also can extend a design even long after the fresh flowers have faded away. Woody floral stems can add spice to your room, table, doorway and floor during those special occasions and events. Let’s step through the year with stems for decorating. In the month of January stems can be put into containers outside a front door to add glowing vertical color or red, orange or green to an otherwise white or drab wintry scene. In the month of February, decorating for Valentine’s Day, use brilliant Cardinal or Red Dogwood stems to add outrageous red to a floral arrangement such as roses. Various red willow stems can be bent into heart shapes, and then will hold their shape upon drying for a permanent reusable decoration. The month of March invokes St. Pat’s Day and early spring occasions. Decorating for those events one can use brilliant
green curly willows or pussy willows mixed with bouquets of shamrocks, or spring greens.

The month of April typically includes Easter and full spring parties. For those special occasions, one can use a variety of spring blossoms with blooming yellow forsythia and pussy willows. The variety of pussy willows such as French, Asian, and Japanese Fantail offer a variety of colors, and lengths to be used for spring occasions. For that stunning spring arrangement upon entry to a house or room use 7 to 9’ high pussy willow stems in containers. The month of May we love to honor our mothers on Mother’s Day, and what better way than to use woody floral stem tips in arrangements. Curly willows add tender green to a floral arrangement that set them apart with zip.

If you have saved back any red twig dogwood or flame willow you can use them to create a Fire Cracker display for celebration of the Fourth of July. Not uncommon is using stems in county fair flower and plant containers to set around fair grounds for that down home country feeling. Even simple wash tubes filled with flowers and stems really adds charm for that county fair feel. As we enter fall, woody florals can add that autumnal flare to your harvest party or homecoming event. For that Halloween party use flame willow stems decorated with bats or use them to simulate a fire erupting out of a cauldron.

For that special family homecoming at Thanksgiving, the dinner table can be graced by wood floral stem tips, accented with fall leaves, twigs tied with bows, made into swags or bent into various shapes. Flame willow can be used for Thanksgiving bouquets to add striking red or orange colors. Large arrangements can be made for Thanksgiving using Scarlet Curls Willows. Use of bittersweet, Viburnum or beauty berries with those stems adds stunning punches of fall color in orange, red and purple. For Christmas the use of stems is only limited to your imagination. You can use Christmas red dogwoods in vases, and then add beautiful small bows or colored ornaments such as snowflakes, etc. If you have a boring old Christmas wreath, adding scarlet curls willow tips into that wreath adds a natural effect and knock out color. Containers with Christmas trees can be spiked with flame willow, scarlet curls willows or winterberry. These are only a very few examples one can do throughout the year occasions with stems.

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